Active quests

1) Letter between Kobolts
2) Secret invitation by Dragon Krang
3) Drakes attacking town. 50gb/dead dragon over 2 days

Open ends

1) Crowd of Dragonborns – smirky helpful bastards who knows more than they’re telling us
2) Tagone’s orb from father & why do so many town’s ppl dislike him? What’s the deal?
3) Injured druid – want to hear his story
4) Return staff to Orcs?
5) Iced dragon from the north still there? (Deputy sheriff says he’ll look after the fire one in the South)
6) Who helped the heros out of the cave with the rope?
7) Merrick’s hit list – he’s either unlucky or someone have been getting to them first
8) Drea wants to talk to Dragonborn about personal stuff

Rebirth from the Ashes

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