Bael Turath

Over a millennia ago, one particular branch of humans showed a strong mastery of magic that not even the elves could match. Though the eladrin had their suspicions, it wasn’t clear until these humans started manifesting features reminiscent of devils. Thye thieflings’ power was so great that they forged an empire that spanned the continent, centred on their capital city, BaelTurath.

The Tiefling Empire once spanned thousands of miles and served as a testament to the power of its devil-bound overlords. Filled with wonders and terrors the likes of which cannot be imagined by most, the empire prospered and advanced. Corruption and greed ruled, but so too did beauty and ambition. The secrets of life everlasting and the power to touch the face of the gods were all commonplace to the Tieflings of old.

But the peace was eventually shattered as the empire started to crumble. Rumours spread of the waning power of the Turathi pointing to plagues, civil war or possibly that their devil patrons turned on the thieflings and sowed destruction from within. Whatever the reason, the Turathi maintained less control over the edges of the empire at first, allowing barbarian tribes to move in, slowly making their way deeper into civilized land. With that, lawlessness began to spread, and all kinds of strange monsters and wild animals began to reclaim their old habitats. The eladrin sent an expedition to BaelTurath to put a stop to this. Many say that it was cataclysm that annihilated the Turathi capital and left the surrounding region covered in an eternal mist.

Regardless, no one knows what truly happened to trigger the decline of the Turathi and cause the cataclysm. Neither the eladrin expedition nor anyone who’s since ventured into the mists have ever returned.

Bael Turath

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