Rebirth from the Ashes

Attack on Valens

Sessions 1-3

Valens was a sleepy town run by its elvan mayor _________ and sheriff _______ until significant stocks of nails, tools and pipes began disappearing. Houses were suddenly ransacked in the dead of the night for not it’s wordly possessions; but it’s simple metalwork.

It was the death of the sheirff’s son and his missing younger daughter that prompted the town to request for help from travelers passing by when the druid that often overlooked the town was no where to be found to assist. It was the local priest and three travelers that answered the call.

The young travelers agreed to work together investigating the murder scene and speaking to the locals. The clues lead them to an abandoned mine not far from Valens. Unsurprisingly, the mine was not abandoned but filled with sly Kobolds.

A wild cart ride into the heart of the mine revealed a labyrinth of tunnels filled with Kobold traps, mysterious glowing purple crystals and _______ (cave spiders?). The group found a large cave opening dropping down to a lower level and the missing girl, Zhaeda Windstrider.

Going through an unused path, the group came upon _____________


With the departure of the dragon, the Eladrin turned to revive her allies and unconscious druid. There the group identified some of the symbols from the spear impelling the druid, an armband which the Rogue quickly snatched up and some treasure.

Black smoke
The battered group trudged out of the cave carrying the dead weight of the druid, noting that the dragon tracks disappeared near the cave opening. In the distance, black smoke billowed in the direction of Valens.


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